Lack of sleep not only makes it hard to get through a day of work or socialising, but can have negative impacts on your health.

Some sleep expert advice can be found easily with Google searches. It generally teaches that sleep is not just about night time. How you spend your day is as important, such as limiting the caffeine you drink, drinking water, how much daylight you expose yourself to, how much stress you have through the day, exercise levels, and other factors. Basic advice also includes having a dark and quiet bedroom, and using background white-noise.

One important source of advice may be a GP. But it can be confusing to know what sleep expert advice to follow. For those who are quick to treat sleep issues with pharmaceutical solutions, a range of medicines can be prescribed. Unfortunately my personal experience was frustrating. Sleep tablets have no other use, so unused packs end up in the bin, money wasted. I tossed out several packs of partly used sleep medicines because they didn't work, made me feel too groggy in the morning to take care of my kid, or I got side effects.

GPs, pharmacists, natural practitioners and nutritionists can be a good source of sleep expert advice on how to use natural products. Otherwise basic literature research skills, the local health food store, the internet (but use basic literature research skills to double check information you find) and family and friends can all be helpful.

Pharmaceutical medicines and natural products typically all have benefits, and also adverse risks. So it is important to read the labelling on all products and to seek advice about how to use the different products safely. Especially if you plan to take both pharmaceutical medicines and natural products, it is important to ask both the GP and the pharmacists about how these mix together (there can be interactions). Pharmacists are the experts in interactions between medicines and natural remedies in my experience. It can also help to ask what to expect over time. Some sleep treatments lose some of their effect over time.

Getting advice from many sources can be helpful. Everyone is unique, and often it takes a few solutions to finally sleep better.

I would be interested to hear who gives you the best sleep expert advice in your life? Do you sleep really well, what sleep aids work for you?

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