Good day! Today is a very sunny day. I have done some online shopping today and am awaiting my package of essential oils, can't wait. As always, being scientifically-trained and working in a scientific environment, I have to express my excitement about this kind of thing at home or by blogging, as, well there just isn't much evidence for the efficacy of essential oils! Today I am excited though, because on Monday I will get a shipment including clove oil and Easy Air essential oils. What do I hope will happen?:

1. I hope that putting clove oil drops on the back of my tongue will help me eat less! There are sites that recommend what oils to try for specific health concerns, do an internet search and you will find many. I decided on clove, after checking out a few links (EE, PTSD, aromatic science, the Cochrane Collaboration, and protocolled). There is also a mobile app MDO pro that I bought for $13. All three sites listed clove as one option that may work. I was inspired that this might help me change my habit of reaching out for food so often for comfort or cravings (same behaviour that drives other bad habits like smoking).

Look, am not easily swayed my marketing and I watch my money. That is why my own research into weight loss led me to the simplest way to lose weight:  which is to calculate your daily energy requirement (can do here at this free Australian government website) in KJ or calories (divide KJ by 4.2 to convert to calories). From experience, I advise if you are overweight to put in your ideal weight, and also select sedentary lifestyle unless you are an athlete (don't know why, but any other category spits out too many calories, as I found through trial and error). If you eat that amount of food (look on labels to figure out how many calories you are eating, or look on free calorie count websites like calorieking.com.au - there are many), you should lose weight. Have a scale at home and at the office to remember to check your weight regularly. If you are not losing weight, then just reduce your intake by another 100 calories until you are losing the weight you want. However, this doesn't always work in practice so easily. Or it may work at certain times of your life, and not so well at other time when you are busy (like me currently) or your life has issues. I know how to lose weight easily, and as I write this I am reminded how easily I did it in the past, but this time, due to my circumstances, I am just looking for help because I can't seem to stop those extra snacks that are actually adding up to 900 calories per day more than I know I should be eating! I should be eating 1700 calories per day, and I am eating 2600. Horrendous. I truly hope the clove essential oil will have some effect.

2. Me, my hubby and my daughter have been coughing for over 2 weeks, a dry hacking post-viral cough after we caught colds. I hope the laurel leaf, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, revensara etc blend will finally get rid of the coughing.  We are using asthma puffers, gargling with salt and betadine, resting, drinking water, but this cold strain this year is tougher than usual, so I am trying something extra. Here's hoping.

I am a scientist, and I know the evidence-based literature -  I know there is not a lot of proven evidence for using essential oils. But, I was heartened today by one review in the Cochrane Library that contains some evidence, from a trial of 61 patients, that lavender oil: Aromatic lavender essential oil applied by acupressure may reduce subjective pain intensity and improve lateral spine flexion and walking time compared to untreated participants (low quality evidence). No significant adverse events were noted in the included trials. For the full review  Click Here.  And I know that a lot of people use essential oils for headaches, migraines, citing that these oils often help them stay well and deal with these health concerns quickly. This is a huge industry, as can be see in any report of the health and wellness industries. So despite the lack of evidence, why do people use essential oils, and those who use them, what makes you feel that oils are definitely worth the money. I would love to hear your comments and stories!

Have a good day. I believe in a world that is improving, and where people smile a lot and feel really well!


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