Reaching 40 or 50 can attract a lot of jokes. Have you heard: "So you've figured out that time is a great healer and a not-so-hot beautician", or "you finally got your head together, and your body has other ideas"?

When I hear jokes like that, I realise that what I see in the mirror makes a big difference to me. If I see glowing skin, I am amazed at how automatically energised and revitalised I feel. Whilst good skin care is a place to start, have you tried that yourself and realised that a bad night's sleep, or an ice cream binge has more impact on your skin than how you cleanse and moisturise? There does seem to be more to glowing skin than good skin care.

A challenge when approaching these age groups is that many still have a mortgage and work fulltime. Devoting time for self-care and experimenting with skin-ageing prevention routines can be difficult, and if kids are in the home, time may be even more stretched. Self-care and anti-ageing care really is about experimenting, because it is unclear what works and who is correct. When I make that statement I think of scientists, commercial companies and bloggers alike. I make no distinction between these groups, since anyone's teachings and key messages can be misguided, or correct, in my experience. Plus people are unique so nothing works for everyone in any case.

What you eat is probably very important for glowing skin; that seems intuitive. The Austin Dermatology Journal had a good article on this topic in its 2 October 2014 issue. It concludes "... alterations in gut functions are starting to be recognized... Understanding the interplay between this gut-skin axis for cutaneous diseases may serve as a new avenue for developing novel therapeutic strategies". This means they vaguely conclude that the condition of the skin depends on how well the gut functions.

The link between good sleep and glowing skin also seems intuitive. The Huffington Post had an article on that topic on 25 July 2013: "Sleep Deprivation Linked To Aging Skin, Study Suggests".

Perhaps because scientists have not proven these relationships statistically and conclusively, doctors and governments put less than emphasis on these than they probably should. So it is up to each of us to find time to read, and try-try again, to find nourishing, healing skin care, and also to find solutions to improve sleep and gut health. Exercise, eating fermented foods, essential oils, supplements and other natural and synthetic options are out there. It takes some devotion to yourself to get out there and find what works. Isn't glowing skin worth it?

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Online shopping is here to stay. The National Australia Bank Online retail sales index estimates that the online retail market was worth $19.1 billion in the 12 months to December 2015. And that is just in one country. But what are we buying online? Some order their groceries online every week, whilst others resolutely continue to prefer the in-store grocery shopping experience. Meanwhile, those who say they would never switch to online grocery shopping, do buy light-fixtures online. And so on. It seems to be a different preference for everyone. Whilst I won't buy dresses or shoes online to avoid the hassle of having to return them (I find it really hard to get the sizing perfect for these types of items), I do find it very convenient to buy vitamins and wellness products online.

This comparison of online versus in-store shopping for natural health and wellbeing products highlights some of the reasons why I now purchase almost all of these types of products online:

- The wellness products websites that I use have simple interfaces enabling me to start an order and slowly finish it over a few days during my commute to work (so that I am sure I have everything I need, and that I have stuck to my monthly budget). Now I mainly order using Apps downloaded onto my iPhone, which is even easier.

- The wellness products websites that I subscribe to provide so much information and have connected me to such a large community of like-minded people interested in health and wellness that I learned how to use natural products to sleep 8 hours again, and other noticeable health improvements, over quite a short period of time.

- After a bit of experience with online shopping, I have settled on wellness product websites that use Australia post for shipping. This means that I don't have to organise re-delivery of packages that arrive whilst I am at work; I just walk to my local post office for collection.

-I am able to order unique natural products and natural remedies that I have been unable to find in my local shops.

- By subscribing to special deals, or joining loyalty reward programs, I save money compared to shopping in-store. Wellness products websites often offer either free shipping or reimburse the full shipping-fee with store-credits.

Online wellness products websites can be really convenient, and the types of products rarely require returning. Whilst prices for many products tend to be cheaper than comparable products in the shops, shipping needs to be factored in. This can eat up any savings, but many wellness products websites offer spectacular deals and/or loyalty rewards programs that provide a lot of savings. They may also offer unique products that are not available, or hard to find, in shops.

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Trialing different skin care products is a part of life. At certain times when I have more money, I don't worry about those products that were a complete waste of money. I just chock it up to 'life lessons' and try something else.

How skin care product reviews and ratings can help
When I am on a tight budget, I don't like trialing too much as it can quickly become expensive and draining.
Skin care product ratings for effectiveness and value for money can be helpful. Reading reviews can save time, effort and money.  Surveys can be particularly informative because the overall results provide percentage of satisfied persons,which can really help to come to a decision about what to try next. Alternatively, reading individual reviews one by one can be entertaining; but it can be hard to come up with one overall conclusion.

Cheap versus expensive face skin care
I like natural skin care, and if I can save money I am always satisfied. I have even read a book on how to have radiant beautiful skin using food by the author Hanan. I tried a few of the food recipes for skin care recently. I liked putting orange juice on a cotton ball as a cleanser, and found it to be cheaper than my current brands of skin care (which also contains heaps of vitamin C by the way, but is a bit more expensive). But I did find it inconvenient to walk to the fridge in the morning rather than be able to store it directly in my bathroom. And, as I like to drink the orange juice, I sometimes ran out before bedtime. And whilst my hair felt soft after leaving mashed banana on it for 30 minutes, I did have to clean bits of banana from my lounge where I was watching TV during this beauty regimen, and I also had a lot of trouble getting all the banana out of my hair. I still found some dried pieces in my hair 1 and 2 days later. So I am back to using offical beauty and skin care products. I am happy with my skin care products, and as you may know from my business page, I am selling two different skin care ranges (I personally mix and match from these). But everyone is different and I would like to learn what is out there, who is happy, what is good value, and how everyone thinks about value for money when it comes to skin care.

Skin care product ratings for effectiveness and value for money: A survey
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