Reaching 40 or 50 can attract a lot of jokes. Have you heard: "So you've figured out that time is a great healer and a not-so-hot beautician", or "you finally got your head together, and your body has other ideas"?

When I hear jokes like that, I realise that what I see in the mirror makes a big difference to me. If I see glowing skin, I am amazed at how automatically energised and revitalised I feel. Whilst good skin care is a place to start, have you tried that yourself and realised that a bad night's sleep, or an ice cream binge has more impact on your skin than how you cleanse and moisturise? There does seem to be more to glowing skin than good skin care.

A challenge when approaching these age groups is that many still have a mortgage and work fulltime. Devoting time for self-care and experimenting with skin-ageing prevention routines can be difficult, and if kids are in the home, time may be even more stretched. Self-care and anti-ageing care really is about experimenting, because it is unclear what works and who is correct. When I make that statement I think of scientists, commercial companies and bloggers alike. I make no distinction between these groups, since anyone's teachings and key messages can be misguided, or correct, in my experience. Plus people are unique so nothing works for everyone in any case.

What you eat is probably very important for glowing skin; that seems intuitive. The Austin Dermatology Journal had a good article on this topic in its 2 October 2014 issue. It concludes "... alterations in gut functions are starting to be recognized... Understanding the interplay between this gut-skin axis for cutaneous diseases may serve as a new avenue for developing novel therapeutic strategies". This means they vaguely conclude that the condition of the skin depends on how well the gut functions.

The link between good sleep and glowing skin also seems intuitive. The Huffington Post had an article on that topic on 25 July 2013: "Sleep Deprivation Linked To Aging Skin, Study Suggests".

Perhaps because scientists have not proven these relationships statistically and conclusively, doctors and governments put less than emphasis on these than they probably should. So it is up to each of us to find time to read, and try-try again, to find nourishing, healing skin care, and also to find solutions to improve sleep and gut health. Exercise, eating fermented foods, essential oils, supplements and other natural and synthetic options are out there. It takes some devotion to yourself to get out there and find what works. Isn't glowing skin worth it?

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