I read an article at the tea shop a few weekends ago: "Workers report increased stress". The story was in one of the major Australian newspapers on 5 March 2016, and went on to say that corporate psychologists have warned stress-related absence from work is on the rise.

The common saying, "work is not a party" comes to mind. It is no secret that many are exhausted or feel emotionally abused during their day at work. It may be helpful to undergo a sea-change and leave a job in some cases. But when the thought of doing that causes more stress than staying in your job, it may not be the right time for such drastic solutions. This article reminded me that it is important to re-energise and refresh at home, using any simple, effective and affordable methods available.

Aromatherapy for relaxation at home can cost pennies, and can be a simple, effective option. Essential oils embody the regenerating and protective properties of plants. The power of a few drops of the correct therapeutic essential oils in a warm bath can work wonders within minutes. The molecules in essential oils are small and fat-soluble; many of them easily penetrate the skin. These properties also allow them to get inside the cells of the body, even if cell walls have hardened because of disease. Essential oils have the potential to affect every cell of the body within twenty minutes, and then get treated like any other nutrients in the cells. A bath allows aromatherapy for relaxation to work on the body and mind by two different routes: the oils sit on the skin, and the aroma is also inhaled as you breathe in the steam from the bath.

Aromatherapy for relaxation can also work just by placing the correct therapeutic essential oils on a cotton ball and leaving it nearby during a nap or while reading a book. Inhalation of the aromas this way can be just as powerful, and is an even simpler option for home.

Essential oils are powerful anti-oxidants. Some can support the liver in detoxifying the blood. Some contain sesquiterpene molecules, which are known to be able to interact with brain cells (these essential oils pass through the blood-brain barrier). Even those essential oils that can't cross the blood-brain barrier can still affect the brain through the sense of smell. Odours and emotions are processed in similar pathways in the brain, in an area called the "limbic system". Favourite smells are worth a try. If aromatherapy for relaxation helps you to unlock and release emotional trauma after a day at work, these pennies will be well spent.

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Trialing different skin care products is a part of life. At certain times when I have more money, I don't worry about those products that were a complete waste of money. I just chock it up to 'life lessons' and try something else.

How skin care product reviews and ratings can help
When I am on a tight budget, I don't like trialing too much as it can quickly become expensive and draining.
Skin care product ratings for effectiveness and value for money can be helpful. Reading reviews can save time, effort and money.  Surveys can be particularly informative because the overall results provide percentage of satisfied persons,which can really help to come to a decision about what to try next. Alternatively, reading individual reviews one by one can be entertaining; but it can be hard to come up with one overall conclusion.

Cheap versus expensive face skin care
I like natural skin care, and if I can save money I am always satisfied. I have even read a book on how to have radiant beautiful skin using food by the author Hanan. I tried a few of the food recipes for skin care recently. I liked putting orange juice on a cotton ball as a cleanser, and found it to be cheaper than my current brands of skin care (which also contains heaps of vitamin C by the way, but is a bit more expensive). But I did find it inconvenient to walk to the fridge in the morning rather than be able to store it directly in my bathroom. And, as I like to drink the orange juice, I sometimes ran out before bedtime. And whilst my hair felt soft after leaving mashed banana on it for 30 minutes, I did have to clean bits of banana from my lounge where I was watching TV during this beauty regimen, and I also had a lot of trouble getting all the banana out of my hair. I still found some dried pieces in my hair 1 and 2 days later. So I am back to using offical beauty and skin care products. I am happy with my skin care products, and as you may know from my business page, I am selling two different skin care ranges (I personally mix and match from these). But everyone is different and I would like to learn what is out there, who is happy, what is good value, and how everyone thinks about value for money when it comes to skin care.

Skin care product ratings for effectiveness and value for money: A survey
Please share with people about skin care that works and is good value. Please fill out the survey by clicking the link below:

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